Whether you are new to Northern Lights or a true Aurora Expert, one thing is for sure: they will never get off your bucket list! Once you experience their magic you will want to spend more nights outside in search of this spectacular and ever changing phenomenon.

The Aurora Scout App, your Swiss Army knife for Northern Lights hunting. It tries to bundle as much relevant information as possible while keeping the interface compact and dark enough to use under extreme conditions. The last thing you want to do is take your gloves off at -40° in order to scroll back and forth through large amounts of data or lose your night vision due to a bright screen.

A limited featureset is available in the Free version. As soon as you want to dive deeper into the art of Northern Lights forecasting you can subscribe to the Premium version which will expand your possibilities.

As privacy is important the app does not contain any 3rd party tracking or advertisements and is only monetized through the Premium version.

Free features:

  • Summarized forecasts and real-time satellite data.
  • Easy to understand colors.
  • Dark interface, preserving much of your night vision.
  • Everything in local time! No more brain breaking conversions.
  • Clear indication of solar wind arrival time.
  • Sun and Moon rise and set times (based on location).
  • Estimation of sky darkness (based on location).
  • Explanations on relevant terminology and science.
  • Manual location selection (good for privacy and planning).
  • GPS based current location selection.
  • Automatic data reload: 120s
  • Real-time satellite data per 5 minutes.
  • Links to external localized weather services.

Premium features:

  • All free features
  • Real-time data shown in numbers.
  • Separate and additional real-time data columns.
  • Additional real-time data details.
  • Advanced estimate of sky darkness (based on location).
  • Images are relative to the current solar wind speed.
  • Images of the Sun (visible light, ultraviolet)
  • Images of Solar wind models (ENLIL)
  • Image of the Auroral Oval
  • Image zoom
  • Twilight transition times (based on location).
  • Moon angle and direction (based on location).
  • Estimation of sky darkness towards the horizon (based on location).
  • Manual data reload permitted after 30s

Web-based App

A web-based version of the app can be found at https://app.aurorascout.com

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